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Monday, June 28, 2010

Fantastic 4 The GAME only 423 MB for PC

Fantastic 4 is an beat 'em up action-adventure video game based on the 2005 Fantastic Four film. Players play as the characters of the Fantastic Four using combos and special attacks to fight their way through hordes of enemies and bosses.

The Fantastic Four is an internationally-renowned group of superhuman champions. Each of the characters has a special ability:
1.Mister Fantastic has the ability to shift his body (or portions of same) into a super-malleable state, enabling him to stretch, contract, deform, expand, elongate, compress or otherwise reshape his physical form at his will .
2.Susan Storm possesses the ability to bend light and ultimately become invisible (wholly or partially) at will. She also has telekinetic powers and the ability to project force energy from her body.
3.The Human Torch can manipulate fire. He usually allows his entire body to be engulfed in flames considering his body can sustain the highest levels of heat. Another ability of his is flight in which players can use in the game.
4.The Thing is incredibly strong and has an exterior stronger than diamonds. Ben Grimm can carry heavy objects with ease, as players will find out while playing as this character.

The game includes a number of villains and characters not featured in the movie, many of whom are based on theor Ultimate Universe versions.
Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Julian McMahon reprise their roles for the game.