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Monday, June 28, 2010

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron only 39 MB for PC

Game Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron ™ will impress you with size and saturation of fighting in the open space and on the decks of warships. In addition to the original plot in the new game of the famous series you can have many unique opportunities. Every corner of the game may be a battlefield. You start a war on the ground, then get under the command of the ship and set off on a new section of the front, where you will learn as a battle site open space and the deck of interplanetary probes. Become the main character engaging and exciting story that will lead you into the thick of events and will provide an opportunity to participate in the most significant battles of the saga Star Wars. Unique system configuration, the mass of possible developments, new characters, new weapons, new episodes and much more - we guarantee that every battle will be unique.